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The company that works with transmission issues around industrial and wind power. My name is Johnny and working with gearboxes in all different applications. Regarding wind power, I have by my previous assignments in Vestas Vind Sv AB worked a lot with studies of wind power transmissions and their problems.

During the latter half of 2008, I have researched the damage to the gearboxes, and now has a wide knowledge about them and what actually is the cause of the breakdown Along the way, it has raised a lot of issues that we face and now they are a basis for how the transmissions are supposed to be driven and there are several "experts" on the market that claim to be right.

In my research, I have been in contact with filter providers, chemists, manufacturers of gearboxes and service organizations around the wind power and there are many quotes about why the transmissions do not holding together. What you can say with certainty is that the oil samples used today are not accurate enough to make any conclusions about how the transmission really feel.

Today there are several systems to examine the gearboxes, one that Ive worked a long time with the endoscopy (a picture is worth a thousand words). Another is vibration measurements, which I think might be a good complement to endoskopin. It has been developed in recent years the vibration measurement system that works on-line from the machine and triggers an alarm if the resulting damage is indicated in the predetermined parameters.

What we have seen and read the research results of this is that the systems have so far not been sufficiently reliable, visible incipient damage is such on planetdrevens stocks under these circumstances is very difficult to measure. Planetgear bearings is usually 6-9 bearings of the same kind and it is also clear that these are over-represented in the damage Ive seen in transmissions.

In conclusion to what actually causes the injury, I note that the way the transmissions are designed requires legal services, lubrication, filtration and condition monitoring. At the visit out to customers in the market, one can only conclude that the transmissions are not operated in such a way that it seeks, significantly often you will see that it fills abnormal amounts of oil without the direct cause.

It is important to top of the oil after filter changes when you lose out due to filtertype and filternumbers somewhere between 1.5 -2.5 liter of oil, about this habit, with a couple of years, it suddenly made all the 10-15 liters which in most cases is directly harmful to the transmissions.

As part of the solution to the problem, I can state that the filters used today do not deliver enough performance to make it possible to keep the oil clean of particles, and it further contributes to the oxidation process accelerates, to run the oil over a longer timeframe must prevent aging of the oil and ensure that additives are not consumed in too high a rate. Tests that I have been receiving from Europe Filter AB show clear results for improving the existing oil purity, oxidation, color, particles, metals, etc.. In my dealings with SKF has revealed that if you can hold a 100% pure oil has a ballbearing infinite life and that as little water as 100 ppm halve a bearings life, this is obviously incredibly important to take into consideration when the engineers are working with transmissions.

How do we then on the market ... With the help of my partner as we work with slightly different assignments on the market ... Whatever investigations of transmissions in both claims and preaktiv service. We also fit the European filter on the machines as part of the preventive service, where we see that the needs are great. For hydraulic systems, we also fit the European filter, there are many advantages to manage their oil systems in this way include unable for reasons of lower costs of mind, spare parts and working the hydraulic system makes it also non-existent formation of resin residues of proportional valves and pumps. With Europa filter the systems are washed out and get rid of both pollution and water.

We also perform oil changes whenever the customer wants, it means that we can also offer most of the market where oil is at a great price. In the case of oil as the oil that we sell pre-filtered, of course, it would surely look strange that with the knowledge I have on oil life in the particles would sell dirty oil, Yes! That is right! dirty oil. New oil contains a lot of pollution and it is usually at NAS class 8, it does not meet NAS 6 class as required offshore. Oil drained from the machine with filtration typically contains fewer large particles than new oil.

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