ITS Transmission
Europafilter Europafilter produces the absolute best off-line filters in the world and it is a simply to offer my clients the best available for a long and trouble-free operation.
Mahle Mahle produces reliable and hearty filters for industrial and wind power applications, many using Mahler filter in the OEM issue, and it allows them to deliver the filter that in many cases are original to the manufacturer.
Telko Castrol deliver products to our company, this makes them a fast and accurate service. They also have some bi products that we use.
Sapos AB Is our supplier of Endoscope equipment, Per Holman is a solid rock to lean on and have all the skills that you could ask for in the advanced operations and issues.
Moventas We have a cooperation agreement with Moventas is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and wind power transmissions, and we work as independent inspection agencies when their customers demand it.
TexacoQstar Texaco deliver products to us the girls in Norrköping is doing everything for us, thanks!

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