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a technique where I am using a camera equipment having a probe of 3.9 mm taking pictures or video to determine the condition such as gearboxes, bearings and gears.

VWe are making investigations with endoscope equipment from GE Inspection Technology. We have the equipment with 3.9 mm probe at 3meter taking photos with 290,000 pixels, using the PC compatible, 15 second files (WAV or MP3 format). PCM audio with MPEG2 video recordings.

I have done such studies on everything from boat engines , car engines, fuel tanks of various kinds and even checked a fuel line.

Filtration of oils:

In efforts to further improve the operating ratio for the customer transmissions do I filter through Europafilter that have the absolute best off-line filters I have seen on the market. with a filtration rate down to 0.1µ we can ensure a very good quality of oil and an oil having greatly reduced oxidation speed.

In line filters are supplied by Mahle who also delivers original filters to Vestas and the guarantee of the right filter by the instructions of the manufacturer. To the extent that we find better solutions to the filters we assemble with the customers approval updates on filter sytem.


We work today with most oils of the market for wind / industrial transmissions and we deliver according to your wishes. With the knowledge of tribology I possess, we can not sell oil unless that we filter the oil 10 days before delivery, so in our facilities there is a system for safe oil handling.

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